Results for business leaders at every level

  • vmf-for-business-1Instant self-awareness you can act on today
  • More focused, productive meetings and interactions that save time and money
  • Better relationships among colleagues, employees, and customers
  • Fewer misunderstandings
  • Conscious efforts to listen
  • More empathic company culture
  • More sales through effective rapport-building
  • Greater success in interviews and presentations
  • Observable, sustainable increase in social and emotional intelligence

vmf-for-business-2Executives who:

  • Want to turn around communication habits that may be sabotaging their messages
  • Need to improve the impact of their public speaking
  • Have valuable but under-performing managers and teams in need of more effective interpersonal skills
  • Desire a promotion but have behaviors that are getting in the way
  • Want to improve their interviewing skills to land the job they desire

Managers who:

  • May be passed over for promotion due to underdeveloped interpersonal skills
  • Need to quickly improve leadership and presentation skills
  • Know they are not communicating effectively but are frustrated by not knowing how or what to change
  • Want to express themselves in a more focused or inspiring manner for shorter, more productive meetings

Salespeople who:

  • Need to boost sales and return business
  • Want to establish rapport quickly and comfortably with potential customers
  • Have difficulty interacting effectively with supervisors or team members

vmf-for-business-3Team members who:

  • Are under pressure to increase productivity
  • Must minimize time spent in meetings on unnecessary clarifications and conflicts
  • Are tired of group dynamics that waste their time and energy
  • Need to improve their customer service skills

Also effective for…

  • Interview and presentation preparation
  • Leadership development at all levels
  • Customer service advanced training

Clients include: Constant Contact; Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan; Tufts University Medical School; Center for Quality of Life; Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C. among others. Check my track record.

Does your presence accurately reflect your EQ – your emotional intelligence?

With even modest effort, most professionals can learn to demonstrate a lot more EQ. Human Resource departments often ask me to work with high-potential employees they want to keep, but only if they start making more productive communication choices soon. They send their “high-potentials” for Video Mirror Feedback to boost their emotional intelligence quickly and for good. A ten-session program is often enough to…

  • See the desired behavior change in a fraction of the time other methods take
  • Streamline and deepen communication among team members
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction

What exactly is Video Mirror Feedback?

It’s a time and cost-effective tool for EQ and leadership development. We use confidential video clips of your interactions with Carlyn to improve awareness of yourself and your impact on others. Observing your interactions with her constructive guidance quickly trains you to engage in your work relationships with your full complement of EQ.

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