Who Uses Video Mirror Feedback?

The adult students and professionals who seek me out have three things in common:

  1. They are aware that they are contributing somehow to a pattern of unproductive interactions such as misunderstandings, conflicts, confusion, or awkwardness.
  2. They are motivated to expand their social and emotional intelligence and are looking for a way that’s quick, comfortable, and cost-effective.
  3. They yearn for more rewarding professional lives and personal relationships.

My clients are (in no particular order)…

  • job seekers
  • graduate students
  • managers
  • software engineers
  • human resource personnel
  • architects
  • supervisors
  • salespeople
  • management consultants
  • actors
  • engineers
  • educators
  • nurses
  • physicians
  • medical students
  • interior decorators
  • realtors
  • public speakers
  • executives
  • attorneys
  • clergy
  • mediators
  • activists
  • therapists
  • coaches
  • public relations consultants
  • city administrators
  • development officers
  • philanthropists
  • couples
  • parents
  • singles
  • accountants
  • among others

Carlyn’s constructive and creative use of video made it easy for me to see and hear my role in the painful interactions I was having. My troubled relationships improved dramatically after what I discovered in the first session. With Carlyn’s guidance, I could see exactly what I needed to change so that my outside would match what I meant on the inside. The most fun I’ve ever had doing my ‘work’ and truly transformative.”

–Susan Bartfay, Conway, MA

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