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I sought out Carlyn for career and personal development. I wanted to become a more consciously present musical performer who could connect with audiences with more natural spontaneity and ease. Her Video Mirror Coaching sounded innovative and thoughtful, and she impressed me as purposefully energetic, open, and compassionate.

After surprisingly few sessions, I found myself enjoying moment to moment surprises–even those which came from myself. Carlyn’s approach made it possible for me to literally look upon myself in the way that someone who likes or loves me might. At that time, looking lovingly at myself was as impossible as looking at the back of my head or removing my appendix. She made it possible.

Working with Carlyn was the beginning of a deeper self-acceptance that made naturalness possible on stage (and off). Our collaboration empowered me to launch myself, not just a performer, but also as an open-mic host, and then as band-leader.

I am now very comfortable on stage. I’m at ease with spontaneous joking and able to trust the sincere appreciations that come to me. The result is a more relaxed sincerity, spontaneity, and humor.

I’ve also made life changes based on this self-trust that have led to a more authentic and adventurous experience overall. This means I feel grateful rather than anxious or gnawing myself with worry or quiet desperation – or whatever people who are dissatisfied and estranged from their self-trust do. I can’t quite remember what that is now.

A few insights from our collaboration that are now part of everyday life… When I am unsure, but honest, I don’t look weak, I look admirable. (Who knew?)  It’s when I am being myself, with no big deal or heavy defenses, that I am most magnificent. (Who knew?) Carlyn helps her clients understand this sort of thing every day.

I’d recommend Carlyn wholeheartedly, especially if you…

– want to have a fundamental sense of self-acceptance.
– are going through life changes and want to witness yourself honestly coming
to terms with them. 
– want to refine something such as networking and interview skills,
performances, presentations, etc.
– are ready to end the mystery of why you aren’t coming across the way you
mean to and be liberated from any nagging doubts you may have.

Michael Silverstone
Lead Writer at Silverstone Communications
Shutesbury, Massachusetts


Who would benefit from Video Mirror Feedback?
I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t.

Didi Firman, EdD, LMHC
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Father and Son Soul,
Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrating Mothers and Daughters,
Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul
Amherst, Massachusetts


Carlyn’s approach has an aliveness and authenticity that I have not found with other practitioners. I could SEE the changes happening from week to week. Her coaching empowered me to make changes I’ve wanted to make for a long time. Truly transformative!

Susan Bartfay
Conway, Massachusetts


Carlyn is particularly skilled at making Video Mirror Feedback a pleasant experience and effective. There was no critique, just steady, constructive support for clarifying my purpose, setting intention, and reaching my goals for more reflective communication.

Carlyn’s accelerated approach enabled me to replace an unproductive habit with an alternative productive one—fast. Within a few weeks of my consultation with Carlyn, the old habit was all but gone and three months later, it rarely shows up.

Carlyn’s perspective and abilities are invaluable for executives who want or need to rapidly strengthen their awareness of their impact on others and replace less desired behaviors with more effective alternatives that are still in sync with their personalities and values.

Karen Fifer Ferry, MBA, The Harwich Group, LLC
Former Executive Director, Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan
Boston, Massachusetts


One example of Carlyn’s powerful and efficient work: In one of the viewings, I witnessed myself poking fun at something Carlyn had said. As my intent was not clear to her, she paused the tape and asked about it. When I said I was just poking fun, she asked me to look again…

To my great surprise, my facial expression hadn’t changed as my words became playful. My face remained as serious as it had been during my previous comments. Carlyn’s constructive approach made it easy for me to see why so many people have told me it’s hard to know when I’m teasing. I was then able to practice ways of letting them know. I now feel greatly indebted to Carlyn for her profoundly observant questions.

Jess Dods, MBA
Management Consultant and Career Coach
Southampton, Massachusetts


During my session, I became aware of a discrepancy between my words and feelings, but not only this insight. This form of seeing increases one’s ability to be proactive. It heightened my motivation to take steps toward change. There’s something about literally seeing oneself — it’s hard to ignore. I came away determined to follow through with changes.

I remember thinking about how useful it was. Weeks later, I was still thinking about the difference between seeing from the inside versus the outside. Our session increased my desire to use video in my clinical work. I’ve taken the first step and bought the tiny camcorder you use.

Pat Romney, PhD
Department of Psychology, Mount Holyoke College
Amherst, Massachusetts


Carlyn is witty, precise, detail-oriented, focused on results, and an overall blast to work with. I came to Carlyn because I wanted to be as articulate, concise, and engaging as possible in the videos I was producing for my site.

Carlyn not only gave me invaluable feedback on my practice videos, but she also guided me to a gem of insight about myself. She paused the video at moments where I expressed much less power and clarity. She helped me literally see that by falling back on old beliefs about my life, which I was doing out of habit, I inhibit the quality of my presentation and communication.

I now recognize that I can choose whether or not I fall into habits or not, and that when I choose not to, I project a more infectious confidence and trustworthiness on video—and in life!

Since Carlyn’s coaching, what people see on the outside is much more congruent with who I am on the inside.

Donna Brooks
Yoga and Wellness Instructor
Northampton, Massachusetts


Carlyn, last night I delivered the new talk that I worked on with you. I am much more pleased with it than my previous one. The best advice you gave was to remove the first few slides. That really helped. I did not feel nervous. I made a few jokes and could feel the support of the crowd.

I am very thankful I rehearsed it several times with your Video Mirror Feedback®. If I had not, I would have been thoroughly dissatisfied. Thanks for all your help and expertise.

Jim Vieira
North Wind Stonework
Ashfield, Massachusetts

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