Typical results my clients report for their relationship health

  • Increased awareness and acceptance of oneself and others
  • Reduced relational roadblocks like disappointment, fear, anger
  • Healing for conflict
  • Confidence to handle what’s happening in the moment

Video Mirror Feedback is surprisingly adaptable. I’ve helped people with scores of relationship challenges, including how they relate to their weight.

VMF is also a powerful complement to other healing practices. If you’ve found an approach that’s helping, VMF will usually deepen and reinforce the results you’re already getting. Read specific stories at Relationship Testimonials.


  • Work on your communication individually or together
  • Learn and master key listening skills
  • Receive lasting results you can act on right away
  • Literally see how your body language impacts your partner
  • Understand your partner better
  • Open the way for forgiveness


  • Get help creating your self-introduction video
  • See how you come across to people you don’t know well
  • Practice turning those first awkward moments to authentic exchanges
  • Learn the secret to finding a good match. It’s not what you think. 

Weight Issues

  • Get to know yourself in a way that will change your perception for good
  • Witness yourself making new choices and keeping agreements with yourself
  • Experience yourself receiving acceptance from me and giving yourself acceptance
  • Collaborate with a thought partner who has helped others shed and keep off pounds


  • Forgive yourself
  • Be more emotionally available to your children
  • Have healthier interactions with your spouse
  • Learn and master key listening skills
  • Discover and practice your “skillful will”

Adult Children

  • Experience release from bitterness and anger
  • Find peace in accepting yourself and, if appropriate, your parents
  • Get support for moving forward with your life goals
  • Walk free of family dysfunction and parent your own children with health and joy

Call me to discuss how I would design a Video Mirror Feedback program for the specific relationship challenge you are facing.  413-522-0789