Relationship Testimonials

Seeing oneself “live,” particularly with the assistance of Carlyn’s well-trained eye and fine coaching skills, is the most powerful way to understand how we communicate verbally and non-verbally.

I’ve been struck by how the results of my session have stayed with me month after month, as well as the efficacy of having the DVD so I can reinforce my “aha moments.”

Janine Roberts, EdD, LMFT
Professor Emerita, UMass
Leverett, Massachusetts

 I thought I had moved beyond my anger at my abusive, deceased father. Working with Carlyn, I recognized from my body language that I was still profoundly angry.

This discovery prompted me to have a conversation with my 94-year-old mother about how scarred I still was by the way my father had treated me. She took the opportunity to apologize for not having protected me. It was the most truthful conversation I’d ever had with her and helped me truly put my anger to rest. The two final two years of our relationship had an authentic quality I’d never known with her.

Daniel A. Brown
Greenfield, Massachusetts

I’ll never forget the insight I got with Carlyn while watching myself describe how my mother had neglected me and acted unforgivably. I stopped the tape and said, “I can’t quite explain it, but seeing myself say these things from the outside talk opens the door to forgiving her. My heart feels open for the first time ever.

Dr. Opeyemi Parham
Greenfield, Massachusetts

I was worried about watching myself, but you made it comfortable to see for myself exactly what I needed to work on. A year later, I am still convinced there was no other way to get this insight except with your creative use of video and psychosynthesis. Clear communication, better choices, and healthy relationships come more easily now.

John Hinckley
Amherst, Massachusetts

I was stunned to see how I squashed my feelings and reactions when I talked about my closest relationships. While I explored the recording with Carlyn, the repeating patterns in my thoughts and interactions became clear. New information for me!

My very first session unlocked a big piece of work for me. I spent the next two months uncovering related material, talking with my partner, and reading the books you suggested to deepen my new understanding. Thank you.

Lisa Enzer, MEd
Montague, Massachusetts

I participated in Carlyn’s 2009 research study on her video feedback coaching method and was impressed by her skill. Sensitive, subtle, insightful questioning moved the session and our review of it along seamlessly. With Carlyn’s guidance, we tapped into something more profound than I‘d anticipated.

Judy Davis, EdD, LMFT
Amherst, Massachusetts