I’m a better wife, mother, and physician for having had Video Mirror Feedback.

Carlyn’s distinctive method enabled me to see aspects of myself that I was unaware of. Her skillful questions made it comfortable to welcome the new self-awareness that led me to make lasting changes in my professional and personal communication.

Suzanne E. Mitchell, M.D., M.S.
Assistant Professor, Boston Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts

Within three months of Video Mirror Feedback coaching, I was hired for the job I wanted most of all. When I sought out Carlyn’s services, my professional confidence was at a low ebb due to a string of job rejections. I was relatively clueless as to how I came across in the interview setting, especially when it came to the intangible relational aspects.

Carlyn’s thoughtfulness, firm yet gentle approach, and deep and abiding concern were all winning elements that brought forward not only new confidence, but a refreshed perspective in my job-search outlook and process.

Carlyn’s manner and style have helped me to present myself with less urgency, greater focus, and a fuller grasp of what it is I have to convey. I now know that what I have to offer in an interview situation is stronger than ever before.”

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, EdD
Dean, SIT Graduate Institute
School for International Learning
Brattleboro, Vermont

From skeptic to believer in under ten minutes! I long suspected that Carlyn’s Video Feedback Coaching would be a powerful tool— for other people; but now I count myself among them.

Within minutes I was able to identify specific mannerisms, thought patterns, and language that, with a slight change that Carlyn skillfully helped me practice, would improve my ability to close more sales.

Schedule your video feedback coaching session now. Whatever your business, you’ll be better for it.

J. Sheldon Snodgrass, MBA
Steady Sales
Williamsburg, Massachusetts

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There’s been a lasting change in our relationship. [My husband] is more aware now of his body language and much more open to hearing what I say – especially when I am trying to get him to understand. I can now say to him, “This is how I’m hearing, seeing, and feeling what you are saying. It may not be what you mean, but that’s what I’m getting.” Which in turn allows us to explore the situation further.

Within a few weeks of his brief work with you, he decided to start seeing a therapist closer to home to work on some very old, very intense issues–finally–after over forty years of distress in almost every aspect of his life. I’m not sure he would have taken this step without the session with you. Thank you.

Lori Hinckley
Chicopee, Massachusetts

I lost 50 lbs in our six months together. Then I lost 20 more pounds on my own. I’m very happy with myself now.

Jacquie Beauvais
South Deerfield, Massachusetts

Your session with us three months ago was life-altering. In 34 years, my husband never really understood the impact his facial expressions had on me. But he got it instantly when he witnessed it on tape in the safe atmosphere you create. He has followed through with the changes we talked about. I’m grateful for your sensitivity and psychological training — and your camera.

Jane Pollak
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Westport, Connecticut

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