“I’m a better wife, mother, and physician for having had Video Mirror Feedback®.”

“Carlyn’s distinctive method enabled me to see aspects of  myself that I was unaware of.  Her skillful questions made it comfortable to welcome the new self-awareness that led me to make lasting changes in my professional and personal communication.”

Suzanne E. Mitchell, M.D., M.S.
Assistant Professor, Boston Medical Center


Executive Director / CFO and Health Care Industry Consultant

Carlyn is particularly skilled at making it a pleasant experience and effective. There was no critique, just steady, constructive support for clarifying my purpose, setting intention, and reaching my goals for more reflective communication.

Carlyn’s accelerated approach enabled me to replace an unproductive habit with an alternative productive one — fast.  Within a few weeks of my consultation with Carlyn, the old habit was all but gone and three months later, it rarely shows up.

Carlyn’s perspective and abilities are invaluable for executives who want or need to rapidly strengthen their awareness of their impact on others and replace less desired behaviors with more effective alternatives that are still in sync with their personalities and values.

Karen Fifer Ferry, MBA, The Harwich Group, LLC
Former Executive Director, Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan


Sales Consultant and Trainer

From skeptic to believer in under ten minutes!  I long suspected that Carlyn’s Video Feedback Coaching would be a powerful  tool – for other people; but now I count myself among them.

Within minutes I was able to identify specific mannerisms, thought patterns, and language that, with a slight change that Carlyn skillfully helped me practice, would improve my ability to close more sales.

Schedule your video feedback coaching session now.  Whatever your business, you’ll be better for it.

J. Sheldon Snodgrass, MBA
Steady Sales
Williamsburg, Mass.


Management Consultant & Career Coach

One example of Carlyn’s powerful and efficient work:  In one of the viewings, I witnessed myself poking fun at something Carlyn had said.  As my intent was not clear to her, she paused the tape and asked about it. When I said I was just poking fun, she asked me to look again…

To my great surprise, my facial expression hadn’t changed as my words became playful. My face remained as serious as it had been during my previous comments. Carlyn’s constructive approach made it easy for me to see why so many people have told me it’s hard to know when I’m teasing. I was then able to practice ways of letting them know.  I now feel greatly indebted to Carlyn for her profoundly observant questions.

Jess Dods, MBA
Southampton, Mass.


Academic Dean

Within three months of Video Mirror Feedback® coaching, I was hired for the job I wanted most of all.  When I sought out Carlyn’s services, my professional confidence was at a low ebb due to a string of job rejections.  I was relatively clueless as to how I came across in the interview setting, especially when it came to the intangible relational aspects.

Stung by a series of high finishes for high-level administrative and executive positions without an offer, I hired Carlyn twice to consult with me on a one-to-one basis.  Then, wanting the full benefit of her expertise, I brought in several close colleagues for a mock interview, and asked Carlyn to serve both as a member of that team and to stay afterward to give me a detailed analysis of the video she took of the mock interview.

On all three occasions, Carlyn’s coaching skill impressed me enormously, including:

  • Her attention to the less obvious and more subtle aspects of the “presentation of self” and her understanding of its implications and the challenges involved in change
  • Her abilities in deconstructing my comportment and making nuanced suggestions aimed at subtle yet permanent change to deepen and refine my ability to authentically engage others in the interview process
  • Her thorough and thoughtful knowledge of the interview process, backed by hands-on experience and effective “what-to’s”and “what-not-to’s”
  • Her authenticity, and an approach that is never formulaic, and is integrally tied to the specifics of my personal situation and circumstances
  • Her upbeat attitude, not at all “pollyannish,” and always sincere and caring

Carlyn’s thoughtfulness, firm yet gentle approach, and deep and abiding concern were all winning elements that brought forward not only new confidence, but a refreshed perspective in my job-search outlook and process.

For example, through her coaching, I found within me a “relaxedness,” even new touches of humor, that have buoyed my professional self-esteem and have enabled me to enter into interviews by presenting my full and real self.

Carlyn’s manner and style have helped me to present myself with less urgency, greater focus, and a fuller grasp of what it is I have to convey.  I now know that what I have to offer in an interview situation is stronger than ever before.

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D.
Dean, SIT Graduate Institute
School for International Learning
Brattleboro, Vermont


New York Times Best-selling Author and Professor

“Who would benefit from Video Feedback Coaching?
I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t.”

Didi Firman, EdD, LMHC
Amherst, Mass.
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Father and Son Soul
. . . . . . . . . . Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrating Mothers and Daughters
. . . . . . . . .  Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul


Historical Detective, Public Speaker, Stone Mason

Carlyn, last night I delivered the new talk that I worked on with you. I am much more pleased with it than my previous one. The best advice you gave was to remove the first few slides. That really helped. I did not feel nervous. I made a few jokes and could feel the support of the crowd.

I am very thankful I rehearsed it several times with your Video Mirror Feedback®. If I had not, I would have been thoroughly dissatisfied. Thanks for all your help and expertise.

Jim Vieira
North Wind Stonework, Ashfield, MA