What is Psychosynthesis?

So glad you asked!  Psychosynthesis coaching is a transformative collaboration in which coach and client work together to clarify and meet the most deeply held values and goals of the client. The Call of Self, that deep inner knowing that each person has access to, will define the work.

This process can happen in person, by phone or Skype, in groups, over a short period or over a long time, based precisely on the needs of the client. While Psychosynthesis coaches have many specialties, we share the following basic assumptions about our work…

1.  We work from the foundation of an adult to adult, I-Thou relationship, lessening the power differential, without the weight of transference and countertransference. We are allies.

2.  Clients come with an embedded capacity for disidentification from their story, holding and honoring primal wounding, but living with it as history. They’ve been there and done that work or it is work that is not being called forth in this engagement with their coach.

3.  The Call of Self, as it asks clients to be true to themselves, truer and truer over time, is the guiding wisdom. We learn to hear it as they do and we stay committed to each client’s deep connection to that Call.

4.  Purpose, meaning and values, come forth as goals and intentions, which we help clients to define, then make manifest. Goals may be inner or outer, wide and global, or precise and articulate. All become goals that the client can monitor as they progress. Goals are actionable.

5.  Our job is to support the Act of Will and the client as willer, both empowering purpose, and inviting, even requiring deliberation, to check the clarity of purpose, giving space to note subpersonality agendas, but not let them lead. We coach the client towards certainty that the voice who speaks and chooses, is speaking from the guidance of Self.

6.  In service of Soulful goals, be they helping to create world peace or cleaning the bathroom, we nourish our clients in accessing, strengthening and living through all psychological functions; thinking, feeling, bodily experience, deep desiring, imagination and intuition.

7.  We show up fully present, willing and able to access our most receptive and our most assertive selves, balancing the yin and yang of presence. We are aiming for transformation. We know it is emerging for each person with whom we work.

8.  We ask our clients to show up fully, but not laden with old stories and limiting beliefs as their only foundation. “Leave the basement and come into the house you are building, “ we say. “It is a beautiful house and only you can build it.”

9.  They are the architects and we the consultants. They the travelers, knowing just where they need to go. We are the guides. In service of their ideal models, we consult, we ask important questions, we listen deeply, we enliven their act of will from purpose and deliberation into affirmation, choice, planning and realization (manifestation).

10. We are caring, perfectly imperfect adults, committed to the growth of individuals and our care of the planet.